Hun CH/ Hun J CH Dolgos-Nimrod Ajandek AV VAV VMV 

​(Csövarberki Talpas x Mezöföldi Kajtató Dolgos) 

​Bred By - Roland Nagy (Hungary)

Owned by - B. Perry, J. Gowen, P. Roginski

​BD- April 13, 2014

Height - 23 inches

Weight - 50 lbs

Certified Ophthalmologist Exam - PASS December, 2018
Hips - HD A (pass per the Hungarian hip rating system)
Elbows - Normal

Shoulders - Normal
HUU - Clear  

Szotyi came home with us from a trip to Europe.  She came from Roland Nagy, the Dolgas-Nimrod Kennel in Hungary, where working abilities are strongly focused on.  Szotyi came with many accomplishments; in work she earned her AV, VAV and her VMV titles with very nice, high scores.  In the show ring she earned her Hungarian Junior Championship, her full Championship and at her final show before departing her breeder in Hungary, earned her Champion of Champions achievement with a Best of Opposite at the big Champion show.  Szotyi has served in the role of a strong working dog, not just for titling but also a consistent companion hunter.  However, she's also a very sweet, loving and happy girl. 


CH Quodian's Kadarka NTD RA JH RATN DJ 
(Quodian's Susie Q x Furdohazi Larmus)
Bred by: Lies van Essen 
Owned by: Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
BD: 1/13/13 
OFA Certified Ophthalmologist Exam - PASS September, 2017
OFA Elbows - Normal
HUU - Clear  


AKC Championship points - 15/15 (includes 3 Majors), Novice Trick Dog title, Rally Advanced off-leash title, Junior Hunter title, Barn Hunt Novice title, Junior Dock Jumping Title (NADD)
3/5 Dock Jumping Senior "legs" (personal best - 16 feet)
1/3 "legs" in Barn Hunt Open 

AKC Achiever Award
From the world renowned, Quodian's Vizslas of the Netherlands, we were so excited to welcome this beautiful girl to the USA!  We're very impressed with the confidence, sweet temperament, bone and substance this girl carries and have greatly enjoyed watching her develop into a truly gorgeous example of our breed; beautiful structure, sound/solid temperament, drive in the field and whatever "sport" we tackle!   Sending many thanks to Lies and John van Essen for trusting us with this wonderful girl!!  


CH Compass' Turning Point JH TKN RATN
(CH Compass' Carpe Each N Every One JH RA RATN x Zoldmali Igeret) 
Bred by - Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
Owned by - Peg Roginski, Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
BD: 7/11/2015

Height - 21.5 in

Weight - 50 lbs
HUU- Normal/Clear


OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA Certified Ophthalmologist Exam - PASS February 2019

15/15 AKC CH points- proudly finishing with THREE 5 point Majors from the Bred By Exibitor class

AKC Junior Hunter title - Spring of 2017

Novice Trick Dog 

Novice Barnhunt title - 2 with 1st place ribbons and "High in Class" achievements

Pivot is from our Diem's 2015 "Point" litter.  She's a lovely, funny, easy-going girl in the house but adventurous outside and ready to hunt in the field.   Pivot is offering solid points, natural backing/honoring to her brace mates in the field, and retrieving well!  We're looking forward to all the fun this girl brings!  Pivot no longer lives with us full time, she now spends most of her time with Peg Roginski and family in Illinois.  Peg needed a younger hunting companion for her family and Pivot has been a perfect fit!  Pivot will return to us for breeding in the future.  


Compass' Red Oak TKN DN
(CH Quodian's Kadarka JH RA RATN DJ x CH Compass' Points' King of Cohoon CTL-1R) 
Bred by - Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
Owned by - Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
BD- 2/14/2018

OFA Hips - Prelim Good

OFA Elbows - Prelim Normal 

HUU - Clear

10/15 CH points (includes 2 Majors)

AKC Novice Trick Dog Title 

AKC Junior Hunt Qualifications - 3/4 

 NADD/AKC Novice Dock Jumping title

Best of Breed at her first AKC show, Lexington, KY, September, 2018 

Winners Bitch, Wilmington, OH, October, 2018

Best of Opposite, Columbus, OH, November, 2018

Best of Opposite. Eaton, OH, April, 2019 x2 for both Majors

Best of Opposite, Lexington, KY 2019

Pillar is from our 2018 Valentine's Day  "Red" litter of Vintage & Tibbs.  She has some lovely attributes of both parents.  This little girl has shown brawn, brains and beauty.  We're looking forward to watching her develop! 


UJJ URO1 UCH/ MBIMisc Vizcaya's Hundred Degrees in the Shade CD RAE JH ITD CL-1R  RATN DJ  
(Quodian's Ishan X UKC CH/BIMisc Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH) 
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds 
Owned by: Belinda Perry, Jeff Gowen and Nancy Edmunds 
BD: 5/8/10 
OFA Hips - GOOD 
Elbows - Normal 

Tyndall was our introduction to the Wirehaired Vizsla breed and we were hooked!! Being our first WV, we began dabbling in different areas to see where her strengths and interests would be.  Tyndall has her Companion Dog (CD - earning her BN in the process) in Obedience, her Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE - earning her RN, RA, RE in the process) in Rally AKC and her URO1 for UKC, her Junior Jumping (UJJ & DJ) in Dock Jumping, her Junior Hunt (JH) in Hunt work, Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD), Agility (CL-1R) acquired 10/15 Conformation points toward her AKC Certificate of Merit (CM) as well as finished her UKC Championship (UCH) before falling ill and we chose to spay her.  Barn Hunt Novice (RATN).  We also play with Nosework but haven't competed in any trials yet.  Tyndall is a wonderful example of the versatility in this breed when exposed early to a wide variety of activities. 
Tyndall earned her 5th RAE leg in Greeley, CO in Sept 2014 with a 3rd and 4th place finish as well as "High in Trial" for the WVCA Supported Entry! 
  Earned her Novice Barn Hunt title in one weekend at CCDTC Trial in Milford, OH - Feb 2015 (1st place and High in Novice Class!)
Tyndall earned 4 more RAE legs in Louisville, KY, Mar 2015, with multiple placements of 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Earned her NADD Junior dock jumping title with her personal best being 14.9, measured from the base of the tail 


Hun J CH Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Jutalom VAV

(Nádiszellö Jankó x Hun J Ch Áldozóvölgyi-Drótos Dolmány VAV)

Bred By - Krisztina Varga (Hungary)

Owned By - B. Perry, J Gowen, P. Roginski

BD - April 2, 2015

Height - 22 inches

Weight - 49 lbs

Hips - HD B (pass per the Hungarian hip evaluation system)

Certified Ophthalmologist Exam - PASS January, 2019

HUU - Carrier 

Luszi joined us as an adult, coming home with us from a trip to Europe.  She's from the Aldozovolgyi-Drotos kennel in Hungary, breeder Krisztina Varga, we've met during a previous trip to Europe.  We've been pleased with the character and hunt abilities of her dogs so were happy to have Luszi join us.  Luszi is a strong minded but silly, happy girl. She's made a wonderful transition to our home after such a big change, coming in and finding toys to lay down on a dog bed to play with.  She's a solid, compact, well muscled girl.   Luszi successfully met her VAV hunting requirements while still in Hungary and acquired her Hungarian Junior Championship in the show ring. 

Please visit the "Our Dogs" page for additional photos of our dogs doing what the enjoy! 


Compass' Miles of Fun n Sun JH NTD DM
(CH Quodian's Kadarka JH RA RATN DJ x Vizland's Miles Standish) 
Bred by - Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
Owned by - Belinda Perry & Jeff Gowen
BD- 3/7/16

Height - 25.5 in

Weight - 68 lbs

HUU- Clear


OFA Elbows - Normal

 AKC Junior Hunter Title 

Novice Trick Dog title

Master Dock Jumping Title - Personal Best is 20.9 feet, measured from where the base of the tail breaks the water's surface

2/3 Rally Novice Obedience Qualifications - with a FIRST place wins for both and a scores of 99/100 & 100/100!

Keys is our girl from our Vintage & Miles litter in 2016.  She has proven to be a highly intelligent, busy, driven girl with a lot of bone and substance.  Keys is full of drive and determination that proves valuable in the field.  She has a strong nose, is a great swimmer and doesn't quit.  This girl keeps us on our toes and is always ready to go do whatever the day has in store.  


Striving For