Our "Tree" litter from Pivot & Beacon, at 4 weeks old.  This was their first big exploring adventure.  

Spring of 2018 

Our "Red" litter of puppies from Vintage & Tibbs, at 7 weeks old.  Enjoying a fun day playing and exploring. 

Spring of 2018

Our 2019 puppies have joined their families.  Our next breeding is planned for early 2020.

Our "Beatles" litter from 2019 

Our "Miles" litter from Vintage & Miles. 

Spring of 2016 

Please feel free to enjoy a few puppy photos from previous litters below.



4 weeks old

Striving For



Feel free to thoroughly review the "Our Breeding Practices" page and "About Us" to get an understanding of what we're about, expected cost, etc. I know it's a lot to read but trust me, it's worth it.   WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES, I insist on meeting every new owner.  If you're interested in a Wirehaired Vizsla puppy from us or in general, drop us an email.  We're always happy to talk about Wires and we may be able to refer you to another breeder who is also expecting puppies.  There are times we are out of town for shows, trials, gatherings, seminars and the very rare leisure weekend away.  Please allow a few days for a response, puppy and dog needs must come first.     

Getting on "The List"

To be added to our list for a future litter you must first thoroughly review our site to gain an understanding of what we're about as breeders; our practices, including natural dogs, our altering policy, that we do not ship puppies, the cost, etc.  These are not up for negotiation.  We recognize that not all breeders and families are a good match to work together and we're comfortable with that but please do not submit an application along with a request to dock the tail or to be able to alter the dog at 6 months of age so he/she can attend daycare.   Once you've reviewed the site and decided if you are comfortable working with us, please complete a Puppy Application on the Contact Us page.  We'll follow up with families within a few days if we do not have a litter of puppies at that time.  If we do have puppies, it often takes a bit longer as we stay very busy with our pups.  Once we follow up on your application and exchange emails, if we decide we feel it's a good possibility we can work together we'll set up a time to chat on the phone before adding someone to the list.